Christopher Haul/Boybands Forever 2018 Tour

Boybands Forever 2018 Tour


Time: January 31, 2018 20:00
Location: Stage Theater am Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, Germany
Event Type: Tour

About Tour

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“New Kids on the Block”, “Take that”, “Backstreet of boys” or “One Direction” – nothing fascinates as much as boy bands. For generations, they have sold millions of albums worldwide and broken at least as many hearts.

Boybands Foerver is a musical show that takes you back on an exciting journey through time and explores the phenomenon and the secrets behind a successful boy band – step by step and hit by hit.


Christopher Haul plays one of the main charactersFit Boy Rikin this hit musical. Fit Boy Rikis type B of any boyband. He is made of two components, a heart of gold and body of steel, which leaves all fans melting.

l pop songs. Come with us on an exciting world and time travel, when BOY BANDS FOREVER rekindled the boy band fire for an evening and unites the best songs in a great live show. BOY BANDS FOREVER is a musical show, which lets us explore the phenomenon and the secret of his success – step by step and hit for hit.

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